Shovelers Needed at AMC

Greetings Weather Faring Friends of AMC,

We are all digging out from the “Blizzard of 2015.”

We are also well aware of more snow predicted in the coming days.

AMC needs your help, along with your shovel.

Today, Thursday the 28th, we still have important areas at AMC that still need clearing.

This Saturday at 2PM, AMC will host the funeral service for Robert Weatherall and the attendance is expected to be significant.

We need help!

AMC will pay shovelers $10 an hour for their services.

You are asked to bring your favorite shovel (we have some if you are without) and be at AMC by 8AM.

If you cannot come until 9 or 10, we would still welcome your help.

If you have a moment to RSVP, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Warrant for Parish Meeting

Please note the date and TIME — One gathering only on 1/25 … at 9:30 AM. Thank you!

Warrant for Ascension Memorial Church
Annual Meeting – Sunday January 25, 2015
9:30 AM in Church


  1. Opening Prayer
  2. Minutes of previous Parish Meeting: Dottie Phillips
  3. Treasurer’s Report for 2014, Budget for 2015: Chuck Doran/Andrew Brengle
  4. Annual Reports for 2014: The Reverend Bradford Clark, Rector; Tracey Paine, Senior Warden
  5. Election of Vestry and Officers:

Senior Warden: Tracey Paine
Junior Warden: Eric Jacklin
Clerk: Dottie Phillips
Treasurer: Andrew Brengle

The Vestry:

Class of 2015: TBA

Class of 2016: TBA

Class of 2017:
3 positions: TBA
1 Youth Rep position: TBA 

Convention Delegates: TBA
Alternate Delegate to Convention: TBA
Delegates to Northshore Deanery: TBA

  1. Announcement of election results and installation of 2015 Vestry
  2. Questions and Comments from the Congregation

Tracey Paine, Senior Warden
Eric Jacklin, Junior Warden
Dottie Phillips, Clerk
POSTED: Tuesday, December 30, 2014

DeGreening of the Church

Just a reminder that this Sunday, January 11th, after the 10:15 Service, will be the “De-Greening” of the church.  Please look for Dawn Edwards to assist with any questions or if you need direction on helping with the De-Greening process.

Please feel free to take a Poinsettia from the Altar after Sunday Services as well.

Very much appreciated!

Thank you.

Christine Bachini

Parish Administrator

You’re Invited…

If you’d like to be in the new Ascension photo directory but don’t prefer to have your picture taken after church, just send your photograph to Doug Brendel via, along with your name, and we’ll include you. We would love to have you in the directory, so folks can connect your face to your name. Thanks!

(To see the photo directory, visit the church website and click on Photo Directory.)