Request for Desserts for Grey’s service

Greetings Fellow AMC People,

Many of you know how our fellow parishioner Grey Bowden, during the week, often made his way to church, often unsolicited, to do what he felt needed to be done.  That might be painting kitchen cupboards, shoveling winter sidewalks, mending broken fences, or taming poison ivy.

Yes, in addition to singing with the choir, and being a constant, gentle friend to many, Grey gave of himself to AMC in all sorts of ways.

In that same spirit of generosity and care, I wish to ask if you might bring a finger dessert (cookies, brownies, etc.) to the reception to be held following Grey’s service on Saturday, October 24th at 10:30AM.  If you can bring a dessert, please let us know by sending an RSVP by email to Parish Administrator, Christine Bachini, at

The service for Grey promises to be a beautiful, festive tribute to a much beloved gentleman.  Thank you for helping with our gift of hospitality.

God’s peace,



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