Tonight is Opening Night!

Tonight is Opening Night!

…and bring your Favorite Mug for the soup!


“Faith and Film: A Lenten Series”

Dinner Starts at 5:30PM ~ Movie Starts at 6:00PM

Ascension Memorial Church invites you to embark on a series of journeys with others this Lenten season. Faith and Film: A Lenten Series offers for your consideration five films for raising up some of the most compelling themes which run through our lives: the longing for home, the power of love, the search for truth, the interconnectedness of life, and the value of diversity.

Mark you calendar for FIVE evenings of BIG screen, BIG sound viewing of films in cozy and comfortable St. Matthew’s Parlor framed by a simple bread and soup dinner, honest conversation and shared reflections.

The Schedule: 

  • March 7 Lion
  • March 14 Interstellar
  • March 21 The Stories We Tell
  • March 28 I AM
  • April 4 Samsara

Bread and Soup: 

If you would like to help make the evening happen by offering to bring a loaf of bread or a pot of soup, use the sign-up sheets in St. Matthew’s Parlor to so indicate, and thank you!

Bring Your Favorite Soup Mug:
St. Matthew’s Parlor will serve as our cozy living room for the evening. We will enjoy soup from a mug in cozy chairs while watching our movie.



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